Take a moment to read an excerpt from a message posted by the National Officers.

"The Southern Cruisers is set up to be a no dues and no commitment club.
We are going to change the part of "no commitment" due to the fact that the club belongs to us all and each one of us should have some commitment to the club.

We have members that join and are never seen.
If at any time a member does not show up for a ride or meeting or does not stay in contact with the First Officer within any given 90 day period, then the First Officer can have them removed from the roster after attempts have been made to contact them.

National Officers - December 28, 2004

From Chapter 173's point of view, we understand that life is punctuated by extenuating circumstances. By no means should current members enduring true hardship feel that this applies to them.
We understand, support You, and would not have it any other way.

What DOES National's message mean to YOU , a prospective member:

Although we use the Internet to communicate, we are NOT an Internet Club. We are an 'in the flesh' Motorcycle Riding Club. This is the core activity around which the club revolves, the activity which presumably brought you here in the first place, a shared passion for motorcycles and your desire to RIDE with like minded people.

The North Jersey Chapter of the SCRC prides itself in having a vital and active membership. We are well aware that it is the enthusiasm of an organization's individual members that determines it's overall health.

What are we expecting of you? At the very least, SHOW UP and RIDE with us. You don't have to make each and every ride, but you can't be a 'ghost' on the roster.

Not ready to commit yet? You don't have to officially join to try out riding with our Club.
You may just show up and introduce yourself.
You are always welcome to 'check it out..' and see if it feels right. We are an inclusive group and welcome You. However, if you do ride with us and feel it's a good fit, we do expect that you officially join the Club.

On the other hand if the outlined Club philosophy appeals to you,
please take the time to apply for membership.

Click Here to Apply
When your application for membership goes through at National, you will be notified by an email and a telephone call from one of our Officers. Ride Safe.. we look forward to meeting You!

Chapter 173's Members and Officers